Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any Web Design related questions not covered below, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Q How long does it take to have my website designed and actively online?
A It all depends on your design, but normally websites takes approximately 7 days to complete after we received the deposit and necessary content for your site.
Q Can I start small and expand later on?
A Yes, you can start small and add extra pages later as your business grows. All our sites are fully expandable.
Q How much does a website cost?
A Well, it depends on your specific needs, but a basic 4 page website usually cost ± R1800. If you want a specific theme that needs to be purchased, that will be added to the price. Ask us for a specific quote depending on the type of content, amount of pages and functionality that you may need.
Q If you design my website, can I use my own hosting company? 
A Yes, you are welcome to have your website hosted anywhere you like, seeing that your hosting package has all the necessary requirements that we might need to design your site. We will also need access to your domain administration (Back-End / CPanel) and ftp.
Q Can I do my own website updates?
A Yes, seeing that we mostly design CMS websites, you will be able to do your own updates to content which will save you time and money. We will however need to give you a quick training session, either in person, or online at a small fee if needed.
Q Is it important to have an advanced and fancy website?
A Honestly, no. Always remember – try to keep it as simple as possible which will save you money and generate you more customers eventually. It’s important to know that everyone visiting your site is not technologically advanced and they will need to use your website with ease. Don’t be fooled by web designers promising the most fancy websites just to impress you – at the end of the day your website is not there to be an impression, but to generate customers. All web designers can create impressive websites if the client prefers it at much higher costs, but keep in mind; and it is a proven fact that too much detail and too advanced (fancy) websites usually sends your customers away. Although they look impressive, it’s not always advisable (depending on your services) – if the client visiting your site can’t find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and there are too many distractions, chances are good that they might leave your site and move on to the next. A Website must be very user friendly or it will cost you potential clients and possible money at the end of the day.